Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter morning

Jonah asked, "one more candy?", and then he replied, "yes". of course i agreed.
They loved the bubbles

And of course, they loved all the candy.

Easter Egg Hunt at Oma and Opa's

Jonah enjoyed it - Tobin.....not so much. Until, of course, he realized there was candy in all those eggs.

Enjoying the Peeps!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Soon there will be three.....

My leg hair is growing faster than ever, the smell and texture of onions nauseates me, and all i want to do it take naps. Yup, its true, I'm knocked up (who ever came up with that term anyway). We are expecting our third and last baby in October!! This was a surprise pregnancy (one of those, "lets wait 2 more years to get pregnant" surprises), and although i am still trying to get used to the fact that i'm preggo and going to have a third one on my hands, i'm thrilled to know that we are finally finished having children and i can burn my maternity clothes. If anyone cares to joing me in the maternity clothes burning ceremony, then plan on it (in about a year). The big question is whether or not this current miniscule alien looking human in my body is a girl or boy. ??? Everyone has been asking me if i want a boy or a girl. Well, if we had a boy, i wouldnt have to buy a single thing. We have so many boy clothes (seperated in bins according to size--hehe, obsessive me) that it would almost be a shame to not put one more male infant in them. I love having 2 boys and would be super thrilled to have another one. I think i work well with the little men. But.....we have no girls in the family. My brothers wife has 2 boys and my cousin has 2 boys, so it would be nice to throw a girl in there. Plus, if it were a little redheaded girl....awwwww, she would be sooooo adorable and spoiled. I would be thrilled to have a girl as well. I have no idea what it is, and am tempetd to jump on over to fetal photo to find out today; but for now the $100 is better spent on finishing the basement so we have more room for our growing family. Some people think that moms have this instinct to know what the gender of their baby is; alas i have not been blessed with this gift. We'll all have to wait 8-10 more weeks to find out.
Whichever gender we are blessed with, i am happy to welcome them into the world in 7 months (and happy to have my last icky c-section).

I've been tagged!

I usually don’t like these "tag" things, but now I'm thinking it might be fun...

If I tagged you here's what you do. Post the words in all caps below and fill in info about yourself. Then, at the end you tell who you are tagging & go and tag 5 friends on their blogs. It's just a way to get to know fun little things about people.

TEN YEARS AGO.....I was a senior in High School completing the last and easiest semester ever. I was a teacher aide for 4 classes. Did my high school really let me do that? Not technically; but my teachers were ok with breaking the rules for little organized me to help them out. I got a 4.0 that semester. That has only happened one other time. Yipee!

1. Rose Park
2. Rose Park
3. Rose Park
4. Salt Lake City, UT (Rose Park)
5. Murray, UT
(sad, I know. GET ME OUT OF THIS STATE!)

FIVE THINGS ON MY TO DO LIST......My daily to do list is currently empty (don’t be impressed, i only had 2 things on there today); so lets go with my "big project" to do list.
1. Finish the basement (well, I’m not doing it, Forrest is. Its still a “to do” though)
2. build a new backyard fence
3. convince my husband that we "need" a new couch
4. make a garden and grow a million tomatoes for canning salsa this year
5. instead of losing weight, try not to gain more than 25lbs.

I ENJOY.... being with my kids and being a stay at home mom. i really wasn’t ever a fan of being someone’s employee, so i love being my own boss (or maybe my boss is really my kids). I also love to eat sweets; pastries, candy, cookies.....I love it all. And i love the feeling I get after i do a good workout. I'm still trying to get to the part where I enjoy the workout, but at least the end result is nice. And i absolutely love to read teenage romance novels and fairytales. Scott Westerfeld is my new favorite author. There isn’t anything that i have read of his that I don’t like. He's "fawesome".

1. i bite the inside of my cheek when I'm bored
2. i pick at the skin around my thumb when i am bored
3. i eat when i bored.
I have to keep myself occupied each day or I will look like a fat leper.

1. I’m looking forward to burning my maternity clothes.
2. I’m afraid of mold. The laundry has to be completely dry in order for me to take it out of the dryer, the shower curtain needs to remain closed after a shower so it can dry without mold infesting the creases if it were open, towels need to be washed very often, the stoppers in sippie cups need to be dry before inserting them in the lid…..I’m anal about preventing mold growth.
3. I’m a terrible listener. i usually have so many thoughts rolling around in my head that i have a hard time detaching from them to listen to someone else.
4. I love organization. I'm a total fan for plastic bins, folders, and labels. i like everything to be in its place and tidy (but that rule doesn’t always apply to closets--especially when the door is closed).
5. I love when people play my hair. ssooooooo relaxing. if i could hire someone to play with my hair for an hour each day i would be a very happy (and probably poor) woman.

1. cashier/taffy maker at the trolley taffy station. (fattened up on candy and pop)
2. housekeeper/helper (I will forever hate ironing b/c of this job)
3. Clerk at ZCMI department store (lost weight and bought tons of clothes)
4. Registrar at IHC Instacare (decided that i loved antibacterial hand gel)
5. Administrative Assistant at Utah Heart Clinic (finally, a real job!)

I'm tagging: Jennie, Ali (yes, you've both been re-tagged), Tristin, Michelle, Liz and Brianne.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

And their favorites are.....

Theres a new Sesame Street exhibit at the Discovery Gateway that my kids LOVE. What is Tobins favorite part? Well, basically anything with a TV screen (pathetic, huh?). He cant seem to get enough of that Guy Smiley. And Jonah loves the elmos world room. He thinks that the fishbowl with Dorothy in it is his and gets irritated when other kids want to look at it. Thats the hard part--teaching him that just because he loves something, it doesnt make it his. He'll get it eventually.....

Warm weather.....

Well, warmer at least. Last week the weather was so nice that we played outside a lot--and without jackets. It was great! That is until it snowed over the weekend. I guess i shouldnt complain though, because the snow melted within 24 hours--but left a stupid chilly wind behind. We cant wait until spring!

Is Jonah getting a little too big for this car? He doesnt think so.

Cool picture, huh? He was throwing the bat down just as i snapped the shot.