Saturday, February 28, 2009

Awesome curls!

Goooooo! Love those eyes!

A trip to the cabin....

My favorite bargain

I got this huge awesome picture for $48 ! It's a tad bit scratched,but if you just cross your eyes while you look at it, you cant even tell. hehe. And it of course, it matches all the colors in my house perfectly. Theres one more boring wall taken care of!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I've been meaning to post these pics for a week now. It snowed on Valentines Day and our boys ended up playing in the snow all morning. The snow completely melted 48hours later. The boys snowman got smaller and smaller each hour until a critter stole its nose and it became a white blob.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Toby's PECS

I'm braggin' a little....
I'm proud of myself for committing our family to this. This is Toby's PECS board (picture exchange communication system). Our little lad still doesnt talk. Well, he says "stop" and "baseball"; but those arent very useful for daily conversations unless you are a full time little league coach. Anyway, my friend and "autism genius", Kate ( told me that Tobin needs to constantly be using PECS (and pointing/labeling) to learn to communicate and eventually he will learn to label and talk. She told me this several months ago, but i didnt really commit myself to doing the task of always walking around with PECS cards to communicate with the Tobester...until now. He was just throwing way too many fits for mine and Jakes sanity to handle and i knew i had to commit to doing something. So i made a gazillion PEC cards (i've learned to really love velcro), stuck them on a foam posterboard and plopped that posterboard in plain view of that little blonde boys eyes. And it works WONDRFULLY! He has been using these PECS for a couple of days and he has had about a fourth of the fits that he usually has. He's communicating, getting what he needs, and is content. I am so HAPPY! This morning Tobin kept bringing me cards of what he wanted- milk, cookie, fruit snack, movie... I was so thrilled that he was using his PEC board that his morning ended up consisting of a sugary breakfast and Pixar. YAY US!!!

Monday, February 09, 2009


We like to have nicknames for our kids. Jonah's is Squish, Tobin's is Tobe-e-lobe, and Ireland's is..... we haven't decided. Jake likes to call her little ladybug and i like little pigeon (becuase she always makes these vibrato cooing sounds like a pigeon). Of course, it seems the point to a nickname is to have a short name, so lets drop some syllables and we come up with "lady" or "bug" (i know, we are so creative) or "pidge".
She defiantely looks like a little ladybug in this ensemble (courtesty of Oma). Maybe i can find a pair of PJ's with Pigeons all over them.