Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Trip to California

Whew!! A ton of fun, and so many pictures to share. Our trip included: Swimming at the cheap Motel 8, Leah's bachelorette party at the Applebees (including promiscuous gifts), attending Leah and Danes wedding in Costa Mesa, driving to San Diego, Hanging out at the beach (only to realize that we were hanging out at the Dog beach--that explains all the stinky mutts!)-Jonah LOVED it there, going to Sea World and seeing Jonah smile at all the sealife, wearing our kids out, and driving a long drive back home just to start Jonah on his potty training program the next day (hell).
The pictures are all ska-wampus and out of control. Sorry, i didnt feel like organizing them and i figured they are self-explanatory anyway. These first few pics are some of my favorites--Jonah loving his Seaworld Souvenir. Enjoy!!