Friday, February 19, 2010

Oma and Opas visit!

cool spiderweb in the yard...are you freaking out paul?

Jennies visit

For Jennies bday present, Forrest sent her to visit me! Well, i made him send her here for her bday present. She came kid'less, and although we had my kids - i pawned them off in the after school club (which they happen to love). We ate, shopped, visited Jennies grandma, and just relaxed. My favorite was when we went to The Container Store (one of our favorite stores) and Jennie layed on the sidewalk to get a good picture of the store. Then things Jennie does for quality photography...... Happy Birthday Doll!

proud messes

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

And thats where he gets his grumpy look from

I thought it would be fun to compare our kids to our baby pics. These are when everyone is around 1 year old. Who looks most like who?? (unfortunately i only have one picture of jake at this age. i dont actually know how old he is in his picture, but it still works.)