Saturday, August 16, 2008


Jonah has one freckle right in the middle of his nose (no, its not chocolate). Its my absolute favorite!


A few days ago Jonah was eating a sucker and playing under a blanket. Next thing i know, he comes to me whining about his sucker. Of course, there it is hanging out in his hair. I start gathering supplies to get it out thinking it would difficult to do. Then, Jonah looks in the mirror and sees the sucker in his hair. He grabs the stick, effortlessly pulls it right out, and starts sucking on it again. It was pretty funny.

Friday, August 01, 2008

A funny story...

First of all, Jonah doesn't like to stand up to pee; so when he needs to go to the bathroom, we have to help him with the whole sitting down thing. We have a little routine where he pulls his pants down and sits on the toilet (i'm sitting accross from him on the edge of the bathtub), and i push down his peter while telling him what i am doing (becuase he isnt not very good at doing it himself). Well, today after he went to the bathroom, i told him that it was my turn and i sit down on the toilet. He sits across from me on the edge of the tub and says, "push your penis down" and pushed on my belly button (yes, my pregnant belly button that sticks out beneath my shirt). I began peeing (t.m.i. ?) and laughing so hard. He didnt seem to understand what was so funny, but he did crack a smile. It was hilarious.