Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jonah turns 6

While we were in Utah, Jonah has his 6th birthday. We combined the party with his cousin Cole who has his birthday the same day as Jonahs. Cole had an awesome Batman cake, and I went with a Horton cake for Jonah. The house was packed and loud, but the chaos was fun. There were many kids helping Jonah open presents which he seemed to handle well while sitting on Opas lap (just like he did last year). It was funny to barely see his head peaking through the crowd of kids.
Oh yeah...and Jonah lost his first tooth. Opa yanked it out and Jonah didnt really seem to notice much. The new tooth started popping through the very next morning. And being the stinky mom i am, i forgot to do the whole tooth fairy thing...but Jonah of course knows nothing of the tooth fairy so i guess it really doesnt matter....does it?

I LOVE when my sister comes to visit. I miss her everyday.....

Utah for Spring Break

Jonah hiding under Irelands blanket on the way out. What a weirdo. Love it!

Always gotta get a bath picture with the cousins

It snowed the day after we arrived. I wasnt too happy. Neither was Ireland. She wouldnt walk on it.

Lunch time at Aunt Jennies!

The kids know the hot tub as "swimming" They love to swim at Oma and Opas.

Love swinging too!