Monday, September 28, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

Super Franks!

There is a place....with large leather chairs....chicken wraps, cookies, ice cream, fries...they bring your food to your table....your kids run around and make a mess....and you dont have to clean it up. And thats not all, there's so much to do there! No, it isnt heaven - its Super Franks! Lame name, wonderful place.

Preschool for Tobin

That little man loves his Lightening McQueen backpack! But he is mildly hesitant about school each morning when i drop him off. Of course, when he is at school he has to work and do what the teachers say. And for those of you who know Tobin, you know that he is uber stubborn and wants everything his way so its a difficult lesson for him to learn. So this educational transition is definately great for him and he will eventually lose that morning hesitation....i hope! Man, he is a cute kid, eh?

My sis in law, Leah found this pic online. I love it!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

She's walking!!!

We finally got it on video! Ireland took her first official steps yesterday. She will be 11 months old in 8 days! I cant believe she's already walking! (and yes, i pushed jonah out of the way in the would have done the same - no damage done!)

Tobin turns 3 !!

I cant believe our little stinker is 3! We celebrated with a little dance party with a few friends (becuase we only have a few friends here). Despite the electric slide and the macarena no one really danced. Tobin loves to sing and dance, but even he was more interested in staring at the spinning disco ball light then getting his boogie on. No matter, it was still a great party. Tobin doesnt like cake or ice cream so i made him a rice crispy cake with fruit snacks - two things he loves. We have really reduced his fruit snack intake (he hasnt had any in about a month) and once he saw all those fruit snacks on the cake, he shoved fistfulls in his mouth. ITs the first birthday he has ever shown interest in his cake!
Also.....Tobin starts preschool on monday! He was accepted into a ABA therapy style special ed preschool in our school district where he will get 25 hours a week of school, speech and Occ Therapy! We are so lucky to be able to get these services for him. He has made amazing improvements in the past 6 weeks with the state provided in home therapy program that he has been on and we know he will continue to improve with so much 1:1 schooling. One particular therapist, Kasey has been a LIFESAVER and has figured our little stubborn kid out and taught him to talk! She has become one of my dearest friends and i will forever be grateful for her!

The Hypnotic disco ball light...... I somehow manage to get all these cool pics of Tobin dropping things mid-air. Seriously, scroll through past blog posts and you will find a few.

With some prompting he opened most of his presents before just wanting to run away and play.

This is wonderful Kasey and Jonah (Jonah loves her even though it doesnt look like it in this pic.)
The Loot!

Our awesome friends here in the East Bay!