Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Some cute pics

Jonah's favorite puzzle

Jonah loves to sit inside the hampers (and read!)

Jonah's "Wally the Green Monster" that dad brought back from his work trip to Boston.

Tobin in moms new hat!

Friday, June 01, 2007

We just got back from our trip to Iowa. Jakes best friend from high school was getting married and jake was one of the groomsmen. We had a blast! It was so fun hanging out with Laura, Chris, the girls, and Aunt Marla for the week. We went to a spa, ate awesome pizza, got squeaky cheese from the cheese factory, saw Amish town, ate Suishi with Keith and some of Marla's friends, Jumped on the trampoline, Lounged in the hammock, Hung out with Jakes high school buddies, ate yummy food, made fun of Chris, played mario kart and gave Emma dirty looks the whole time for shooting turtle shells at us, watched the season finale of Lost, watched Tobin eat fruit puffs, wiped many runny noses, shopped, oh yeah, and went the schwanky wedding of Jakes friends Brian and Kate. It was an awesome trip! Thanks Fauchiers and Marla!! (if you want to see pics from the schwanky wedding, then go to www.partypics.com, enter in the password " joephoto", and scroll to the bottom and click on the listing of Wedding:Melloy/Goettel).

Our trip to Iowa!

The Kiddies!

Tobin boobin' it up with Marla!

After dinner at the Iowa River Power Co Restaurant. Our bellies were full of yummy steaks!

More of our trip to Iowa!

Getting our Spa on!

Jake, Nassor (Jakes High School buddy), and Tobin. Nassor and Tobin had so much fun together!

At the wedding dinner.