Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Elmo's hungry

Jonah likes to take stuffed animals and put them in highchairs and strollers and treat them like his dolls. This little elmo seemed hungry, so jonah put him at the table. hehe.

....More Christmas pics.......

Merry Christmas!!!!

Christmas morning was great. We were hoping it was the year that Jonah would get excited about opening presents, but instead he thought it was a bit of a burden that we were making him open presents when all he wanted to do was drink his milk and watch Sesame Street. But eventually he got into it. I think Tobin liked the mess we made with all of the present unwrapping. It was fun to see the excitement level in our kids go up a little this year. It will be a blast when the kids get really excited at Christmas time

Jonah's school program

Jonah was in a Christmas singing program with his preschool this year. He, of course, didnt do much of what he was supposed to--but at least he was behaving. When everyones snowmen were melting, Jonah's stood tall! Haha, my sons snowman didnt melt! It was pretty cute to see him up there just being Jonah.

Away in a Manger

Instead of exchanging presents with Jakes fam this year, we decide to have a delicious turkey dinner and play out the story of Jesus' birth. It was fun and lasted about 30 seconds. We had the loudest most irrevrent manger scene ever--which of course was what made it the best! The gifts that "baby Jesus" recieved were....a winnie the pooh book, keys to zacks car, and a cell phone. Way to go wisemen!

Boys night with Oma and Opa

This year, Oma and Opa watched all their grandkids while the parents went christmas shopping. The boys saw santa Clause and they all made gingerbread houses and dressed in their new pj's from Oma and Opa. It was heaven to get away from the kids for a night....oh yeah, and i'm sure the boys had fun too.