Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Family outing

We decided to go to Snowbird on a little family outing a few days ago. We rode the tram up to the top of the mountain expecting to have a little family hike and picnic. But, mother nature had other intentions and decided to snow us out. That's right. Snow! Well, hail actually, and lightening. It wasnt too fun to walk through, but it was an adventure anyway. So we ate our PB&J sandwiches in the "warming hut" at the top of Snowbird while we waited for the tram to take us back to safety. Then we enjoyed some of the festivites that Snowbird offered--Alpine slide, bouncing cage for the kids, and an awesome autumn colored landscape.

My spoiled boys

Thanks for the presents Uncle Larry--you always spoil us!
Love, Jonah and Tobin

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Buzz Jonah

A few days ago i pulled out Jonahs halloween costume and let him wear it, and of course he LOVED it! He requests to wear it everyday. Its actually a great bribing tool. He likes to wear his costume and ride his "bullseye" rocking horse (he is currently obsessed with Toy Story 2). Its pretty cute to see him walk through the house saying, "to infinity and beyond!"

Tobin's Birthday!

I cant believe my little guys is 2 already! Tobin loved his birthday party! He was not interested in opening his presents, so Jonah (and the other kids) helped open them all up with Jakes help. Tobin looked at them after they were open, but he wasnt about to waste time sitting and tearing paper when he could be jumping around. Tobin also wasnt interested in blowing out his birthday candles, so Jonah took care of that. And Tobin didnt want to eat his birthday cupcake (he doesnt like cake and ice cream! Is he really my kid?), so Jonah took care of that nicely for him. Tobin wanted to run around with the kids, show off for the adults by showing them his jumping skills, and color on the dry erase board. And since it was his birthday, that is what we let him do. It was a great night. It was the first of one of my kids birthdays that i didnt make a cute themed cake for them. I just made a heap of delicious chocolate cupcakes covered in mini m&m's (i LOVE chocolate cupcakes, so maybe i really made them for me) thinking that Tobin might touch it, but nothing. What a stubborn adorable kid. Oh well. Happy Birthday Tobe'sters! (and yes, i'm still enjoying the leftover cupcakes!)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

And her name is......

Jake finally gave me permission to tell the world what we are naming our baby girl. I thought we had agreed to the first and middle name, but i guess the middle name isnt set in stone yet. But her first name is. So here it goes (if you dont like the name, keep it to yourself. i'll smack you if you make fun of it!)........................... Ireland. We are naming her Ireland. I hope she has red curly hair to match her name.


The family has been at the cabin all summer getting it fixed up. The ladies went up Sunday to see the progress and enjoy some wilderness time and the kids had a blast running around, eating dirt, and climbing the mountain. Here's a few pics from the trip.