Friday, February 08, 2008

The snow in Allisons neighborhood

Check out how deep the snow is in South Ogden--you can really tell in the first picture when you compare it to the car- It's like 5 feet deep! (by the way, this first pic isnt allisons house, it's just some random neighbor--hope i dont get in trouble for posting it...) Tobin didnt have much fun playing in it, but it sure was fun to gawk at the insane white piles.


The newest member of the family. Now the pressure is really on to get in shape.

I'm enjoying the treadmill--the kids are enjoying the box. Everyone's happy!

Monday, February 04, 2008

our little TV addict

Yes, its true. Toby is a Movie junkie. He LOVES to watch monsters inc. - and he almost always sits like this. Makes my neck hurt to see it, but he's sure happy (and quiet).

Bath Boys

What toys?

Who needs toys when you can play in a box. Tobin was a little scared at first (no idea why), but jonah thought it was such a clever way to play.

Buddha Tobin

Ok, so Buddha isnt quite this skinny and doesnt have a grumpy face, but i like this tobin buddha just the way he is.

Snack time!

Strawberry dipped bananas. mmmm..... Abe LOVED them! Jonah didnt care for the banana, but thoroughly enjoyed licking the strawberry coating off. You just cant go wrong with kids and sprinkles.

Funny faces