Sunday, December 28, 2008


As always, we had a great Christmas! Jonah loved opening presents this year and was thrilled to finally get a Toy Story Woody doll. Woody even helped feed Ireland her bottle on Christmas morning. Tobin loved running around in the wrapping paper mess, but didnt feel the need to open his presents, so Jonah happily opened them all. Irealnd only got one gift, but we think (and i'm sure the whole bailey family will agree) that it was a good one--Hawkeye pacifiers for our little fan! It was awesome to have both of my grandmas here for Christmas. My Omie came from Holland to spend another Christmas with the family! All the boys ( and yes, i mean all the males) enjoyed Caden and Tobin's Hulk gloves and mask, and the noise in the room was rapidly increased as boxes of army tanks, drum sticks, kitchen sets, race tracks, and sesame street characters chimed in their sounds for the Holiday.

Sinterklaas at the Dutch Store

Monday, December 22, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ireland - 8 1/2 weeks old

More baby girl...

I know, i know, she is wearing a big pink bow!! So not me, right? Well, i have learned to accept the fact that my little girl looks great in pink. Doesnt mean that i have to wear it though!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How Tobin decorates the tree

We decided to leave the tree decorations off this year since tobin broke so many last year. But Tobin seemed to think the tree still needed something....


Sinterklaas this year was great (it always is). We give eachother gag gifts with funny poems each year. The night was full of great gifts-Jennies maxipad slippers, Coles devil horn beanie, Forrests wilderness survival kit that was the size of a credit card (which included an "energy nugget" which was a tootsie roll).... But my favorite was the lovely orange shirts that all the guys got from Uncle Ronald. (Forrests garth brooks style shirt did make him look a little gay!)
Good times.....