Friday, July 31, 2009

Peek -a -boo

This girl loves to watch her brothers take a bath. She makes a turbo crawl over to the edge of the tub and pulls herself up to peek at the boys. Its so cute to watch.
There's something totally adorable about seeing a little kid all cozy in mom and dads bed sleeping (of course only when it isnt in the middle of the night.) Poor Toby has an ear infection. He disappeared yesterday and this is where i found him. Asleep. He never does this kind of stuff unless he's really not feeling well.

Helping feed little sister...she loved it!

He was giving her a kiss, not wiping his nose on her forehead..... i think.

Aunt Jennie, Caden, and Coles visit...

...swimming at Grandma Derose's apartment pool, making cupcake pops (bakerella's recipe) and being totally sad that they tastes like bland mush, being so disappointed that we made brownie ball bites instead (so delicious), spending a day at Six Flags and being thrilled that Tobin only threw one fit the whole time, watching Caden hold Jonahs hand while waiting to ride the 4 wheelers train, sewing a pin cushion that looks like a cupcake and never wanting to touch a sewing machine again, jumping on aunt embers bed, discovering that i like hummus, talking without children (or husbands) until 2am, and not relaxing for a second...... It was awesome!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Standing Ireland

She doesnt crawl, she doesnt scoot much either. But she loves to bounce on her knees (with this weird blowup cylinder toy thing - some of the best $6 i've ever spent!) and pull herself to stand whenever she can . Ireland is almost 9 months old and is really turning into a silly little girl.

Oakland Zoo

We went to the zoo a few days ago with our friends Cynthia and David. Jonah loved looking at the Giraffe's and Alligator. The Alligator was pretty cool, but it was kind of freaky when it swam up the the glass window in its cage and there was only metal wire between us and his jaws. Made me totally nervous when Jonah was standing next to it.... My favorite picture is of Jonah kissing the turtle statue!

At the Moraga Commons Park

Our favorite path to walk (or run) on....this is the boys favorite part of going to the park. First time in the swing...she loved it of course.

Discovering not so tasty sand