Tuesday, May 18, 2010


While Laura was here, we drove for an hour to get to an Octopretzel concert. They are a local Jewish group that sings great kid songs. We listen to them everyday on the way to school. The concert was small, free, and outdoors. Combine all of those wonderful elements and you have an hour of happy children! It was totally worth it to see Tobin light up and dance (of course the camera didnt catch those moments - ok, ok, it wasnt the cameras fault. it was my fault). And even more worth it when Jonah grabbed Tobins hands and they danced together - without tantrums! Ahhhhh.....

Lauras visit

This has just been the month (well, 2 months really) of oodles of visitors. This weekend, we were able to spend time with Laura (Jakes sister for those of you who cant tell) Well, i slacked with taking lots of pictures during Lauras visit. But i did get the two most important ones. The ugly purse picture. And the "lets not smile and not tell ember" picture.

Playing with Abigail

There's just something about those pigtails....

Skylers visit

...was awesome! Started off with a nice 12 hour drive back to California. Of course we had to stop at the rock painted like a monster (somewhere in Nevada) for pictures. We spent a day at the zoo, watched movies, walked around hippie college town in Berkeley, and lastly - i got my heart ablation procedure done. Skyler helped with the kids during my short recovery (all is well, i'm doing great!). I felt totally spoiled to have my brother here for almost 3 weeks. It was rough becoming a mom again without constant adult company. Schmeh!

She sure loves chocolate!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Blog Schmog

Sometimes i don't want to update my blog. Its not that i don't want others to be able to read about our little lives. I just want to....commit technology suicide. Delete the upkeep of it all. Of course i also realize that it would be silly to discard those conveniences of life that i have come to depend on. I mean, technology is amazing. Really.
...But i still cant help but dream about something different.
I often daydream about living in the middle of a large field surround by a lush green forest. There would be no cell phones, no internet, no TV or movies, no email.... Nothing but me, my family, and the land. I would be free from the expectations, judgements, jealousy, rules, comparisons, ....that weigh on me now. I would wake each morning at 5am to tend to my garden, harvest my food, feed my family. I would be dependent on the earth, not a grocery store. I wouldn't need money, no shopping, no consumer lust. I would love, play with, and teach my children the best i know how. No schools, therapists, or government telling me how to do it (although they can be helpful, but along with that comes expectations....you know). We would read books (because i would have an unlimited library of them), explore nature, bake grainy bread, bask in the sun without getting burned... Of course, this land of mine would be equipped with a large house with plumbing and electricity, sunny 77 degree weather year round, no colds, flu, disease, no violence. And it would have a massive tree full of endless cocoa beans. Its the dreamland that i escape into when i feel like my days are eating away at me. You know, those days where there arent enough hours to get everything done because your to do list is so long. I feel like my to do list is always long. Because there is ALWAYS something to do at my house. There is always a room to clean, always a book i'm dying to read, always dishes to do, a spot to mop up on the floor, a sticky handprint on the wall, a spider that needs to be killed, and most importantly of all, always a child that needs attention, teaching, and love. And it is always in my head to never cut them short of those needs. When i do find a spot for myself (and it may be that 4 minute bathroom break that is so relieving in more than one way), i go to that "land" in my head that i am building which is just waiting for the day when i announce that i am falling off the grid. Anyone want to join me?