Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Yes, i learned my lesson.

We have no camera. Our beautiful blond little devil of a child broke it by throwing it on the stone floor when he was throwing a tantrum. Why did he even have the camera you ask? Well, that would be my fault. You know those days (moments) when your kid is asking and whining and asking and whining and you cant take it anymore so you just give in. Well, it was one of those moments. He was asking for rectangle (camera) and i gave him ours. I usually give him his camera (our old brick of a camera that he loves to play with), but he broke that one a couple of weeks earlier. So at my weak moment of parenting, i gave him our real camera to stop him from bothering me; and now i am paying for it. It is so annoying to not have a camera! But we will replace it, someday. Until then, no fun blog posts. Schmeh!