Monday, August 27, 2007

Camping.....somewhere in the mountains

We just got back from an awesome camping trip that we went on with Forrest and JJ, Sharon, and our friends David and Jennie--and all the kids. We only went on a one-nighter, but it was great. The kids had a blast. While Jake and i were putting up our tent, Tobin was crawling in the dirt and Jonah was playing with the other kids....or so we thought. After our tent was up, we counted our kids and realized that we could only account for one. Where had Jonah gone? He wandered off the the river (which was a very short distance away) and decided to walk out on some rocks and just sit in the cold water. We were relieved when we found him and grateful that the water was not high this year. Here's what we saw when we found Jonah. That kid really loves water!

And some more camping pics...

...more camping

Yes, these adorable children are shooting guns. Plastic guns with no "ammo" of course.

There was a swing at the campsite which was perfect for the kids!

Oreo or dirt? We may never know.

The bru'ders.

Here are some random cute pictures of the boys that i've been meaning to post for the past few weeks.

The awesome Hammock

So Allisons basement has now become the cool kid basement. Marla cleaned ou the cobwebs, junk, and icky'ness and impressed us all (even me) with an aweomse kids playroom. The hammock is my...i mean the kids favorite thing.

Aunt Marlas Visit

With all the Utah Nephews and Niece.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pretty Funny

Tobin thought it was pretty funny of me to make this sort of cookie monster growl/spewing sound-it made him laugh like crazy. take a look.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Standin' Man!

I finally got a picture of him standing all by himself. Woo hoo!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Our trip to the Thanksgiving Point Farm

Run, Run, Run....

Last week, Jonah had some friends come over (Abe and Ripley) and they had a ton of fun playing. After they all made a mess after taking a bath, they decided to run around in their diapers screaming for 20 minutes. it was actually really funny. Abe and Ripley did most of the running, and Jonah followed them around once in a while when he felt the need. After Abe's famous bean bag jump (perfect picture of it below), they all settled down in their pajamas to watch Cars while gulping vast amounts of juice to quench their thirst from their marathon sprints. It was great fun!