Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vegas baby!

The Bailey gals got together for the first time ever as a sisterhood and went on a weekend trip to Las Vegas! It was the most frugal and fun Vegas trip ever - the hotel was only $50 per person for a 3 night stay (thanks to Laura and Anna!) and we lived off of multigrain cheerios, free hotel buffet food, and reeses pieces. We shopped, spa'd, read books, played truth or dare, and had a fabulous dinner at the Grand Luxe....It was a blast. 3 days without kids.....ahhh...... Thank you ladies!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My favorite part of Christmas overdue....

Its taken me forever to get into posting on my blog. I'm mentally still on Christmas break i guess. Anyway, we had a great relaxing Christmas in Eureka with Jakes parents and sister Marla. We went to the park, sang Christmas Carols, and even had a birthday cake for Jesus (jonah of course wanted to sing happy birthday and blow out the candle). The "present of the year" award went to Marla with her pink snuggie....which was quite thin, smelled like a factory in china, and made her look like a bottle of pepto bismol. But hey - thats exactly why it won for present of the year! Oodles of fun!