Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jonah is almost 3 and he is doing great! He is talking more and more each day. He loves his speech therapist, Play Groups, and Pre-School. He is always making us laugh with some odd way of asking for things. If he wants a drink of water, he says, "do you want a drink?" and then he will answer for us, "ok, ok, ok, ok, ok". He is so much fun.

Tobin is 6 months old and is such a chatterbox. He talks a lot more than jonah did at this age, so all his jibberjabber is fun to hear. He is healthy, happy, and much smaller than Jonah was at this age weighing in at almost 17 pounds! Tobin laughs when you tickle his feet and he loves to laugh at Jonah when he does "ring around the rosie". Its so much fun to watch.

Love the "hand me down" clothes! Do they look like brothers??!

Jonah September 2004, 5 months old.
Tobin March 2007, 6 months old.