Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Update on Jonah and Tobin

We are very lucky to have gotten tobin in some state servies for aba and speech therapy which he will receive daily beginning very soon. It takes forever to do paperwork and evaluations, but at least we are finally getting somewhere with it all. He is already making major improvements with using sign language and now (finally) has a few words that he uses regularily (candy, cookie, and bubbles).
Jonah doesnt qualify for state services since he is 5 years old and goes through the school district for things. He is in very part time speech and OT therapy for the summer, and while we wish it was more, we are grateful to have it. He is enrolled in a great school for the fall and will hopefully have a part time aide to help him throughout the day and provide services. The school district has had a lot of budget cuts for this upcoming year so i dont know what they will be able to provide for jonahs special services. lets cross our fingers that its still good! i wont even start on the frustration with the government for making budget cuts on the special ed departments of schools...

Auddie's visit

My dearest sister came to visit over the weekend. I felt so spoiled to have here here. After jakes work pool party, we picked her up from the airport and went out to eat, then we went to Powells candy store in Lafayette (a wonka candy wonderland) and autumn enjoyed her blue pixy stick while i enjoyed my $40 worth of confections!!! The next day we took the bart train into the city and enjoyed some san fran sites, but not after having a mini hoola-hoop contest on the back patio (which Jake dominated). Are we lame or what? i love our lame'ness.

Work pool party

Jakes work (rich relevance) had a pool party last week and the kids loved it. Jonah and tobin spent the whole time in the pool (when they werent eating cookies and watermelon). Tobin was hesitant with getting in the pool at first, but soon got so comfortable that he was waddling around the whole pool getting in and out whenever he wanted. Here's Ireland hanging out with her friend Abigail. The party was warm, sunny, and great!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Apples, Cheetos, and Friends....

Tobin ,loves his apples. Ireland discovered delicious cheetos. Jonah insists on his several stuffed animal friends coming on car rides with us...and being buckled in with him.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

This will make grandpa bailey happy!

We went to the park so jake could hit the tennis ball and jonah loved joining in. he didnt want to let go of his racket.

Our first visitor

I find it humorous that the relative of mine that lives furthest away (the Netherlands) is the one to visit me first! It's always cool when Uncle Ronald and his son Jorik stop by for a surprise visit.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Oh Jonah.....

I was getting ingredients out the other day for making soup and when i went to get the bouillon cubes that i had set out, i noticed that one of them had been unwrapped and was missing. I'm pretty sure that Jonah thought it was candy and decided to eat it. I really wish i could have seen the look on his face when he hit the salt instead of sweet. He probably liked it.