Saturday, July 10, 2010


Sharon (Jennies mom), Ali (Jennies sister), and her kids are in town for the week and came over yesterday to hang out. My kids were thrilled to have visitors. Tobin was jumping and smiling all over the place. Ireland loved following Hannah around and playing with her - she's never had an older girl to play with before. And Jonah, well...Jonah was Jonah. Antisocial. But at least he was present. He usually heads up to his room at the sight of kids invading his territory; but this time he stayed close by. I was shocked! I then realized he discovered his own coping mechanism for when kids get too close to him. He would close his eyes when kids came into view. If they were on his left side, he'd close his left eye; right side = right eye closure....These next few pictures show how Jonah reacted to Ben and Hannah running around and around the dining room area. I was laughing so much it was hard to get a sharp picture...
The kids passing by on the right side of his body

out of sight
coming up on the right side...

passing by....

If you arent laughing now, there is something wrong with you.

Ali and Sharon
Tobin actually played next to Ben, he only stole Bens trains a couple of times! Ben was so patient with Tobin, it was awesome!
I had to bribe Jonah with m&m's to stand in this picture. He seems happy enough about it! (and yes, i couldnt pry tobin from the computer. He has mastered using the mouse and always want to play games - he requests "sesame street dot com?")
Another m&m bribe for a hug...
The girls wanted in on the candy too! Ireland cried when Hannah left, she loved playing with her so much.

And...we finally got a camera

This is Irelands Squirrel; she loves it and sleeps with it each night.
Jonah hanging out in a bucket at our friend Cynthias house. He got in it to "protect" himself from her little dogs.
Doing Ring-around-the-rosies with Abigail...

About half the time we were there, Ireland walked around with these keys hanging out of her mouth.
What kid doesnt love a day of jumping and swimming?

Those are some nice abs for a 3 year old.....

Jonah lost his front teeth a couple of weeks ago, this is the first real picture we have of his new grin (and it breaks my heart that someday he will need braces....that'll be stressful...)