Monday, February 09, 2009


We like to have nicknames for our kids. Jonah's is Squish, Tobin's is Tobe-e-lobe, and Ireland's is..... we haven't decided. Jake likes to call her little ladybug and i like little pigeon (becuase she always makes these vibrato cooing sounds like a pigeon). Of course, it seems the point to a nickname is to have a short name, so lets drop some syllables and we come up with "lady" or "bug" (i know, we are so creative) or "pidge".
She defiantely looks like a little ladybug in this ensemble (courtesty of Oma). Maybe i can find a pair of PJ's with Pigeons all over them.


Arnell Family said...

I love it! She looks just like Jake! Does he have some lady bug pj's too?
I always think the best nick name for babies is "stinky" because, let's face it - they usually are most of the time.
Cute little baby Ember! I want to squeeze those skinny thighs - what's up with that! Where's the chub?

Allison said...

ok I love these jamas, but I REALLY have to go with pigeon. The irony is just too beautiful.

provobaileys said...

way cute picture. i like bug.