Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tobin's walking!!

A few days ago Tobin took his first few steps. He took about 3 steps before he fell. He is now up to 10 steps without falling. He's been doing it all on his own. Well, the first time Jake helped "coach" him through it. But since then, he has been walking all by himself. He loves when you clap and cheer him on after he takes a little stroll. It is so cute.

On a side note, as many of you know, our external harddrive fell (well, Tobin knocked it over) and the motor broke. We are unable to access any of the information on our harddrive. This really sucks because it holds each and every picture we have taken since we were married. We are lucky that most of hte pictures have been printed and burned onto disks. But we dont have pictures from the last several months. It will cost $900 to recover the data and we just happen to not have $900 in our "money to repair things our kids break" account. So.....if anyone has pictures they want to donate to us, that would be awesome!. Just let me know!

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Liz said...

Oh man! I'm so sorry, Ember! I would probably cry for days if I lost any photos. I'm a picture freak. I take tons of pictures and keep almost all of them. :) It's a little neurotic, but I view pictures as part of my life journal, so hopefully that adequately explains some of the over-exuberant picture-taking. :) Well, I wish you luck in finding pictures from the last few months. I'm sure tons of people will pull through for you. I would, myself, but, alas, I don't have any pictures with you guys (what's up with that, anyway?). Love ya!