Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Jonah's first day of Preschool !

Jonah started preschool today. The bus picked him up at 9am, and he happily walked over to the bus (with help from Chris, one of the bus aid's), smiled at the driver (Dave), and walked on. He was ready to go. No tears, no reluctance, just curiosity and content. Here are some pictures of the "event". He didnt smile for the pictures (dang-it!), but he was happy. When Jonah was dropped back off at home, he walked off of the bus with a huge satisfying smile on his face and said goodbye to Dave and Chris. It was so cute, i wish i took a picture of it. Of course i didnt have my camera with me then.

Eating Breakfast, getting dressed, and watching cartoons while waiting for the bus.

OF course he looked at the camera after i took the picture. Oh well, he's still cute.

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Liz said...

He is so cute! How awesome that he went happily and came home happily. No fuss! I hope that's how it is with Soren. That would be great. So, is Jonah potty-trained? Ah, school...that will be so nice. :)