Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This is how Ireland fell asleep in Jakes arm yesterday. I laugh everytime i look at the picture!

Tester cake

Deep inside of me there is a desire to make and decorate cakes for a living (which is why Ace of Cakes of one of my favorite shows to watch). So yesterday i decided to make some fondant and do a little tester cake. I tried to make a pumpkin orange fondant, but got sick of constantly mixing the food coloring in with the tough fondant. so i stopped at peach. but it was fun to make fondant-messy, but fun. And after making the piping chocolate to what i thought was a good consistency, i found to to be too runny. i guess thats the point of a tester cake. Now...what to do with it (i purposefully made the cake in flavors in dont care for so i wouldnt eat it!) I definately need oodles of practice..... that's the fun part!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


was i dumb enough to leave a permanent marker within a 2 year olds reach? At least i had a few magic erasers on hand. I got the marker off of the TV and book shelf. As for the bean bag, kid table and slide...well.... it will always hold a faint black scribble to remind me of the joys of motherhood.

Marks 60th Bday Extravaganza!

Jakes dad had his 60th bday last week and all the siblings got together at their home in Eureka, CA to celebrate. Here's some picture'age of the grand event!

Jakes dad tun

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New pics

A huge THANK YOU to Jennie for taking these pics of my kids with her nifty camera. We used a black sheet for the back drop, and our kitchen table for the seating (obviously there are some touchups to do with the wrinkly sheet...). It was great to be able to take good pics of the kids in the comfort of our home (especially since Jonah cries each time i take him to get his pic taken at a studio). There are a lot more pics than this, just wanted to post a few for all of you to see. My kids are pretty dang cute--and quite pale!