Sunday, May 31, 2009

Six Flags!

We bought a season pass to Six Flags which has Marine world (like a small sea world) Thomas the train section, looney tunes rides section, lots of rollercoasters, an elephant exhibit where you can ride the elephants....and much more which we havent seen yet - but will someday. Jonah thought it was pretty cool to be able to ride the elephant with daddy. And Tobin...well, he was ok as long as you didnt try to make him ride the Harold the Helicopter ride....that kid..... The kids' favorite part was definately the Walrus exhibit. The walrus would come right up to the glass and stare at you/follow you around. It was so cool and the kids got a kick out of it. Can't wait until next time....
Ireland always has her tongue sticking out...... its the dreaded Bing Bailey curse (courtesy of her papa)....

Autism walk in San Jose

We headed to San Jose this weekend for the annual Autism walk. It was cool too see so many families with team shirts on supporting autism. We were able to get a ton of references and information on different therapies and centers in the east bay area so that's super helpful - now i have to start calling them all and make our decisions.... I didnt really get any good pics of the festivities....i was somewhat occupied.
I rewarded myself....(ok, i did share some with the fam) with some delicious confections at a schwanky bakery we found in the area.....

i'm such an idiot

So on Friday i planned to take the kids to the zoo and meet my new friend Cynthia (yes, i have a friend) and her awesome babysitter there for a day out with the kiddos. Unfortunately i didnt communicate with her very well and i ended up at the San Francisco Zoo while she was at the Oakland Zoo. After trying to find eachother for 15 minutes through texting and phone calls, we realized that we were in totally different places. I was sooooo bummed because i wasted an hour's drive, $30 in admission tickets and $4 to the toll booth. We just laughed it off when we realized what happened and i was going to stay at the SF Zoo, but i had all 3 kids by myself and it was cold and windy and none of the animals seemed to be out, so i decided to stop stressing about the loss of $$ and time and i headed to the Oakland Zoo to meet up with her. The kids were pretty upset when i put them back in the car to make the 45 minute drive back, but when i convinced Jonah that we were going to see new elephants, he was ok with it. It was a relief to arrive at the Oakland Zoo and the kids were excited to get out and run around. Jonah enjoyed the Tiger ride on the merry go round and as always; Tobin loved to run run run. I took the kids on a small tiger patterned rollercoaster and they both hated it. Tobin was screaming the whole time and i was just laughing at him. It was ridiculous. Jonah still talks about not going on the "tiger train". "No tiger train, no tiger train...." What a long zoo filled day!

My friend Cynthia and her daughter Abigail.

Happy riding a tiger!

I dont think he was too sure about the airplane ride....

New Pool

I ran to Target the other day to get a blow-up kiddie pool. Tobin was so excited to get in the water that he jumped in with his clothes on when i was off getting the kids' swimsuits. He LOVES playing in the water. It was pure entertainment for the kids and lasted for almost 2 hours while i soaked up the sun and vegged!!! Now thats parenting! (and my sister in law Brooke made the cute outfit that Ireland is wearing....she's so talented!)

The boys favorite thing to do at the park

Wanna-be Bakerella

This is what happens when i get bored. MMM.....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Dress

Jonahs wrestling

Jonah has recently gotten into this wrestling thing with Tobin. Apparently he just realized that he is bigger than his brother and can whip him around in a wrestling match. Unfortunately he doesnt really know when to stop. Tobin likes it for the most part, but sometimes jonah pins him down in an uncomfortable position and it makes him pretty upset. Jonah thinks his screams of protest are cries for more. Its actually pretty cute to watch and i am proud of Jonah for being a bit of a bully. He is so gentle and shy that i like to see him get a little rough and tough. That kid needs to learn to stand up for himself....and Tobin needs to be whipped around a little sometimes.....

Girls Getaway

Before we left for California I had the awesome opportunity to go to Park City for a couple of days with my sis in law Jennie and our good high school friend Liz to do some shopping and relax with no kids. We were able to get an awesome hotel in Park City (thanks to Liz's parents). It was so much fun! This trip was planned back in August and we were determined to make sure it happened. We all saved up our money for 9 months and went on a major bargain shopping spree. I dont think we paid even near full price for anything. My bargain buy of the shopping spree was a camel colored wool coat that was originally $185 that i got for $20! It was a blast to spend time with the girls before i left. We moved out of our house 2 days after i came home so it was a hectic weekend, but totally worth it. Next girl getaway will be in California!!!

The loot (and thats only after shopping day# 1 - a total of 3 hours of shopping)!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pier 39

Today we went to Pier 39 in San Fran to take the kids to the Aquarium and to see the Sea Lions. It was a ton of fun (yes, even though it is a touristy place), the kids were good and happy and it was awesome to take them to see this part of San Francisco. Jonah loved the aquarium and the Sea Lions and he did a great job at not getting too scared of the stupid Seagulls that were flying all over. Tobin was totally content running around on the Pier and Ireland slept most of the time so it was an enjoyable outing. The kids didnt break down until we were already heading back to the car! Perfect timing.

I sat on the chair and it cracked. Talk about making me feel fat...... Needless to say, i didnt eat all my food!

The nasty smelly Sea Lions that Jonah loved looking at.

Tobin just wanted to run and run up and down the pier.

I dont know what city in San Fran this is, but it was just behind Pier 39 and i thought it was so cool i took a picture.